Until recently this medieval town was a warren of slums, clustering round a polluted lake near the festering rubbish-strewn foothills of Mount Toxyk. It was hardly the sort of place to attract holiday-makers, although the city did pick up a municipal ‘Tidy Town’ award in 1976. This accolade prompted something of a revival for Vajana and these days it is considered a first-rate tourist destination offering modern comforts and an exciting nightlife – despite a 10pm militarily enforced curfew. Visitors looking to combine a bit of adult entertainment with local culture should pay a visit to Spredzelegz, one of the few Folkloric Lap Dancing venues in Europe.
This ancient city was founded back in AD 720 by the great matriarch, Besbolja. She was referred to as ‘Mother of All Vajanans’, probably because the population at the time was 14 and they were all her children. In the 15th century, Vajana was called Molvania’s ‘cultural melting pot’ as it had a large melting pot into which ethnic minorities were lowered during the Balkan Inquisition.
During the Middle Ages Vajana doctors pioneered complex medical procedures. This lithograph shows physicians amputating a limb whilst simultaneously extracting a confession
Vajana is a relatively small city, divided into quarters of which there are three. Unfortunately, public transport is slow and unreliable so taxis are generally your best bet. There is a glut of car hire firms in Vajana, which has pushed prices down, but visitors should be wary of excessively discounted vehicles as they may lack modern features such as power steering or brakes.
This extract taken from MOLVANIA – a land untouched by modern dentistry