The entrance to this stately, brick residence is all about muted style and comfort. In the lobby of Jze Petra a grand piano player greets guests with Molvanian show-tunes while discretely armed security guards move about keeping gypsy beggars at bay. The Petra is big on historical ambience (Emperor Vladzjic III’s son Rzemec is said to have used the toilets here in 1856) and numerous antiques are on display including paintings, sculptures and the hotel’s computer reservation system.  47 Sv Maj 1
19 6097
19 6098
Known for its24-hour casino and popular discotheque, Zizjkov has long been popular with visiting rock stars and EU officials. The hotel has spacious, well-appointed rooms all with private bathroom and bar facilities.

Note: Two rooms are set aside for travellers with disabilities – though, strangely, these are in an attic reached only by several sets of stairs and a ladder.
 52 Sv Maj 1
17 1884
17 1885
Another good mid-range accommodation option is the many private rooms available in Lutenblag. For as little as 50 you can share a flat with an invalid pensioner or local resident serving a home detention sentence.    
Lutenblag is a backpackers’ delight with numerous hostels and pensiones offering budget-priced rooms. The Diagzop Hostjl opposite the railway station is popular, despite the sometimes surly attitude of its heavily tattooed staff. Dorm beds in rather crowded rooms can be found here for as little as 25.

Note: There are no shower or bath facilities but you will find a discount car wash across the road.
 73 Sv Androk
14 7791
14 7792
Another equally cheap hostel is the Majkvic Jverzte, which is located in a peaceful neighbourhood, well away from traffic, noise and crowds. On the downside, it’s a three-hour bus ride to the city outskirts – but at least the rooms are neat and regularly fumigated. Facilities are understandably basic with shared bathrooms and dormitory-style bunks. During the low-season there’s also a 10% discount for students, although this status must be proved with an official ID card or some form of body-piercing.  14 Sv Jabba
19 7828
This extract taken from MOLVANIA – a land untouched by modern dentistry